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Earlier 2022

In the eye of a preening Mute Swan


Eye contact with Mascarene Martin
Rüppell's Weaver learning Arabic
Black heron canopy feeding
Twist-preening Greater Flamingo pair
Grey-headed kingfisher flashing wings
Brooding female Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher
Schlegel's Asity wattle pride
Eye contact with female Schlegel's Asity
Green-capped Coua (Coua ruficeps olivaceiceps) fluffing feathers
Stare of a White-browed Hawk-Owl
Verreaux's sifaka chewing on fresh leaves
Blending Stalker
Cuvier's Madagascar Swift eating a cricket
Back-lit Crested Coua
Pygmy Kingfisher portrait
Nectaring from Silk tree flower
Silk tree flower delicatessen
Breeding Male Souimanga Sunbird on the lookout
Wing Stretching before takeoff
Art of preening
One-eye, one-leg sunbathing dunlin
African monarch clinging to pincushion flower
Pollinator traffic around Persian silk tree flower
Wattled cranes courtship dance
Spur-winged goose in flight
Stepping into the light
Sundowner night vision
Portrait of agamid on rock
Basking in afternoon light
Heading up
Small Day Gecko in night stalk
Clinging to rusty pole
Reptilian head twist
Male vervet monkey with blue gear
Lion cub resting after frolicking in the grass
Looking into the light
Keeping an eye on you
I am all ears
Male lion standing still in shade
Looking tense
All about shapes
Female elephant in golden light
Safe in the family bosom
Searching for food
Warm greeting
Chacma baboon maternal care
Water-loving antelopes
One-eye nap
Open-air manicure