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Green-capped Coua (Coua ruficeps olivaceiceps) fluffing feathers
Keeping an eye on you
Male vervet monkey with blue gear
Sigma sum in mirrored reflection
Laughing doves stretching after mating mount
Laughing doves' mating dance
Little bee-eater with outstretched wing
Little bee-eater with moth catch
Little bee-eater in overwing scratch preening
Hamerkop with outstretched wings after takeoff
Hamerkop takeoff downstroke in mirrored reflection
Little bee-eater meeting your glance
Water-loving antelopes
Finding the best position
Color change for the night
Chacma baboon maternal care
Looking into the light
Oxpeckers' Summit Meeting
Tail feather preening
Yellow-legged gulls in preening session
Fluff and twist
Fluffing out with grace
African sacred ibis standing on one leg
Red-eared frog on water lily flower petal
Reflections of a Red-eared frog
Will you join me?
Symmetrical mirroring
Nubian woodpecker in shadow on old acacia tree
Wing flashing after landing
Timeout after struggle for male dominance
Throat dive
In-between thorns
One-eye preening
Portait of a Kori Bustard
Abrupt landing on thorny acacia shrub
Balancing act in low flight
One-eye watch
Portrait of a female waterbuck
White eye stare of superb starling
Red-cheeked Cordonbleu in dappled light
Male vervet monkey heading to tree top
Portrait of a female Von der Decken's Hornbill
Chirping White-headed Saw-wing
Violet-backed Starling fluffing feathers in the shade
Mating ecstasy
Warding off brood parasite

Earlier 2023

Perched Pearl-spotted Owlet staring down
Fighting fish galaxy
Dideric Cuckoo with caterpillar catch