Latest work



Roaring out of slumber
Juvenile vervet monkey preparing Mopane delicacy
Maintaining eye contact
Breaking from the herd
Dust and mud bathing in golden light
Flying shrimpie
Hovering feeder
Light carrier
Soft landing
Venetian mask
Blue dawn
Sweet dew
Foraging carpenter bee
Color change for the night
Little bee-eater meeting your glance
Elevated glance
Keep off my comfort zone
Canted peek of Striped Kingfisher
Profile view of Male African paradise flycatcher
Tufted appearance
Natural framing
Blue tit clinging to corn tassel
African sacred ibis standing on one leg
Coucal in plain sight
Yellow-eyed stare
Eye to eye
Portrait of a Southern Ground Hornbill
Wading elegance
Rainbow glance
Thorny perch
Hamerkop takeoff downstroke in mirrored reflection
Hamerkop with outstretched wings after takeoff
Eye level with Griffon vulture
Cretan glider
Under my wings
Wing upstroke of Bateleur eagle
Wattled crane flying into the light
Red kite in flight
Finding the best position
Oxpeckers' Summit Meeting
Tail feather preening
Yellow-legged gulls in preening session
Fluff and twist
Fluffing out with grace
Laughing doves stretching after mating mount
Laughing doves' mating dance
Translucent prinia catch
Sigma in mirrored reflection
Little bee-eater with moth catch
Little bee-eater with outstretched wing