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Earlier 2023

Buffalo weaver courtship display
Tickbirds clawing march
Swooping down for a catch
Soft lining for the nest
Rosy-throated Longclaw in light breeze
Vervet monkey meditation
Reed cormorant headshot on green bokeh background
Eye contact with foraging Blue Monkey


Eye contact with Spot-flanked Barbet
Female Purple Grenadier on Acacia twig
Elegance of ground raptor
Diederick cuckoo on Dhofari buttontree
Silverbird with red berry catch
Popping into the frame
African green pigeon pair feasting on Rhus natalensis fruit
Expert seed husker
Yellow-fronted Canary echoing shape of broken weed stem
Magpie shrike in spiral vortex composition
Bow of the Golden crown
Preening calisthenics
Oxpeckers' symbiotic feast on impala
Olive baboon cuddling infants atop acacia tree
Snarling lion standing still
Three-banded plover's art of gliding
Nuthatch with berry from a food cache in bark crevice
Mirroring eye reflection
Long hoverfly on leaf of hottentot fig
False blister beetle on bower of beauty
Egyptian grasshopper nymph on lantana bud
Male Mute Swan swooping neck to preen
The curves of preening
Vigilant neck curve
In the eye of a preening Mute Swan
Eye contact with Mascarene Martin
Rüppell's Weaver learning Arabic
Black heron canopy feeding
Twist-preening Greater Flamingo pair
Grey-headed kingfisher flashing wings
Brooding female Malagasy Paradise Flycatcher
Schlegel's Asity wattle pride
Eye contact with female Schlegel's Asity
Stare of a White-browed Hawk-Owl
Blending Stalker
Cuvier's Madagascar Swift eating a cricket
Back-lit Crested Coua
Pygmy Kingfisher portrait
Nectaring from Silk tree flower
Silk tree flower delicatessen
Breeding Male Souimanga Sunbird on the lookout
Wing Stretching before takeoff