Latest work



Little bee-eater with outstretched wing
Little bee-eater in overwing scratch preening
The art of blending
Paddling into the afternoon light
Preening on one leg
On the edge of the frame
Grasshopper catch
Keep on preening
Chirping in golden light
In-line head twist
Let's dance!
Penguin's yawn
Foraging juvenile Blacksmith Lapwing
Wing stretching after bath
Bee-eater pair in asymmetrical balance
Keep off my perch
Riding a flying broomstick
Malachite kingfisher in balancing act
Busy plover pair
Neck twist
Insect spotting pair
Grooming head twist
Cuddled preening
Reflections of a Red-eared frog
Will you join me?
Snow puppies facing off