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Lioness stalking prey at sunset


Male African Paradise Flycatcher in tropical light
Vervet monkey meditation
Reed cormorant headshot on green bokeh background
Eye contact with foraging Blue Monkey


Lioness in dappled light
Aerials of courtship feeding


Violet-backed Starling fluffing feathers in the shade
Eye contact with Spot-flanked Barbet
Female Purple Grenadier on Acacia twig
Elegance of ground raptor
Diederick cuckoo on Dhofari buttontree
Silverbird with red berry catch
Popping into the frame
Chirping White-headed Saw-wing
African green pigeon pair feasting on Rhus natalensis fruit
Portrait of a female Von der Decken's Hornbill
Male vervet monkey heading to tree top
Red-cheeked Cordonbleu in dappled light
White eye stare of superb starling
Portrait of a female waterbuck
One-eye watch
Balancing act in low flight
Abrupt landing on thorny acacia shrub
Portrait of a Kori Bustard
One-eye preening
In-between thorns
Throat dive
Timeout after struggle for male dominance
Wing flashing after landing
Expert seed husker
Yellow-fronted Canary echoing shape of broken weed stem
Nubian woodpecker in shadow on old acacia tree
Magpie shrike in spiral vortex composition
Peeking through twig opening
Bow of the Golden crown
Preening calisthenics
Speckled pigeon in painterly dappled light
Leopard lying atop tree in post-prandial slumber
Oxpeckers' symbiotic feast on impala
Oxpecker and zebra seeing eye to eye on ticks
Olive baboon cuddling infants atop acacia tree
Vigilant eyes
Snarling lion standing still
Three-banded plover's art of gliding
Female subdesert mesite perched on spiny Ocotillo
Nuthatch with berry from a food cache in bark crevice

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Symmetrical mirroring
Mirroring eye reflection
Long hoverfly on leaf of hottentot fig