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Feline ecstasy


Undecisive Vervet monkey
Female Purple Grenadier preening scapular feathers
Wild white hibiscus about to unfurl
Ring-tailed lemur grooming its long black and white ringed tail
Three pairs of eyes
Infant lemur riding mother in jockey style and glancing back
Intent stare of ring-tailed lemur in dappled light
Infant and mother lemur gazing at troop members
Infant lemur piggy-backing mother
Female ring-tailed lemur licking own hand in dappled light
Ring-tailed Lemur in preaching posture
Close-up portrait of Malachite Kingfisher
Synchronous commensal feeding
Posing in a balancing act
Mating pair of Round-necked Longhorn Beetles
Egyptian grasshopper bracing against spearmint flower spike
Solitary White-banded Sweat Bee on Dusty-Miller flower
Eye level encounter with pine grosbeak
Ruddy Turnstone foraging on mussel bed
Eye to eye encounter with Vervet monkey
Vervet monkey begging for a scratch
Vervet monkey chewing on cattail shoot
Reichenow's Helmeted Guineafowl perched on tree bough
Seed husker covered with strings of grass seeds


Coquerel’s Sifaka poised, aiming for the next leap
Lioness in golden light in silvery savanna grassland
Green-capped Coua (Coua ruficeps olivaceiceps) fluffing feathers
Keeping an eye on you
Oxpecker and zebra seeing eye to eye on ticks
Male vervet monkey with blue gear
Sigma sum in mirrored reflection
Laughing doves stretching after mating mount
Laughing doves' mating dance
Little bee-eater with outstretched wing
Little bee-eater with moth catch
Little bee-eater in overwing scratch preening
Hamerkop with outstretched wings after takeoff
Hamerkop takeoff downstroke in mirrored reflection
Little bee-eater meeting your glance
Water-loving antelopes
Finding the best position
Color change for the night
Chacma baboon maternal care
Looking into the light
Oxpeckers' Summit Meeting
Tail feather preening
Yellow-legged gulls in preening session
Fluff and twist
Fluffing out with grace