Latest work



African monarch clinging to Cornflower-blue vernonia
Pollinator traffic around Persian silk tree flower
Sundowner night vision
Reptilian head twist
Clinging to rusty pole
Small Day Gecko in night stalk
Heading up
Basking in afternoon light
Portrait of agamid on rock
Stepping into the light


Cuddled preening
Hamerkop takeoff downstroke in mirrored reflection
Under my wings
Little bee-eater meeting your glance
Keep off my comfort zone
Light carrier
Blue dawn
Flying shrimpie
Water-loving antelopes
Safe in the family bosom
All about shapes
Keeping an eye on you
Looking tense
Chacma baboon maternal care
Tail feather preening
Fluffing out with grace
Reflections of a Red-eared frog
Will you join me?
Bee-eater pair in asymmetrical balance
Keep off my perch
Riding a flying broomstick
Malachite kingfisher in balancing act
Busy plover pair
Neck twist
Insect spotting pair
Grooming head twist
Finding the best position
Oxpeckers' Summit Meeting
Yellow-legged gulls in preening session
Fluff and twist
Hamerkop with outstretched wings after takeoff
Eye level with Griffon vulture
Cretan glider
Flying silver
Wing upstroke of Bateleur eagle
Flying into the light
Red kite in flight
Thorny perch
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